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Service and leadership

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 12:23 pm

The Richmond County Board of Supervisor presented a certificate of appreciation to EMS Lieutenant Ray Hinson for his public service and leadership during of the mass casualty incident at Haynesville Correctional Center on June 15.

Eight inmates suffered from a suspected overdose, creating a scene that drew medic units from Westmoreland, Northumberland, Essex and Lancaster counties. The affected inmates were transported to the hospitals in Tappahannock and Kilmarnock.

An event like that is something you talk about, think about and train for but you hope you never see one in your career. And if you ever do you hope to handle it well, and that can be said of Hinson’s performance, according to EMS chief Mitch Paulette.

Hinson was able to take something that if it happened out in the general public would be chaotic enough. But then you add the prison aspect into it with the need to consider security, Paulette continued. Hinson coordinated all the medic units, got the trucks in and out of the facility with the prisoners on board according to protocol. He notified the hospitals in advance and knew how many patients could be treated at which facility.

One man was doing all of that within the controlled chaos at that scene, said Paulette.

The prison staff, EMS personnel and others have commended the job the Lieutenant Hinson did, and that’s part of what makes the certificate of appreciation so special, Paulette said.

Lieutenant Hinson accepts his much deserved certificate.