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Fishing in the Northern Neck

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 10:05 am

Did you get out this past weekend or one evening and do any fishing? I had plans to get out Friday and do some fishing over at Gardy’s Mill Pond, but the fuel pump went out on the truck and my plans got changed for me. Things do happen at the wrong time or was it the right time, as I was at home when it went bad. Saturday morning I made my way to Chickahominy Lake to meet up with 2 great friends, Jacob Stephens and Tiffany Risch. Unfortunately, Tiffany got sick, but Jacob and I had an amazing day together, fishing and laughing. Sadly, I got my butt whipped good too. The catching was tough for us, but Jacob pulled out his drop shot and managed to catch 5 bass, one pickerel, and a nice bowfin while I tried everything I knew to find just one bite. I finally set up one of my baitcasters to try as a drop shot and while it took me a while, I finally got a bite, but missed it. About 40 yards down from that, I finally got another bite, and set the hook. It ran a little and shook it’s head, so I knew I had a good bass on. Jacob asked me what I had and I said a nice bass, but as it ran past him, he said I don’t think so. As it turned back towards me and I pulled it up to the surface, Jacob was right, as the big head of a big bowfin stuck straight up out of the water. With a violent shake, my hook came loose and off it swam. We had another fun story to share and a great laugh before we headed in for the day. Sunday evening I made a quick stop on the way to town and missed a nice bass on the drop shot before landing a smaller one. I felt better too, as I finally had a bass for the weekend.

We all hope that what we do has a positive impact on others. Most of the time, we share and never know how it effects others. At the Port Royal Kids Fishing Day, I met Liam Campbell, 7 years old, when his grandmother, Kay York, brought him out to fish with us. It was his first time to experience what fishing had to offer. I received an email from Kay and it really made my day. Liam is now hooked on fishing. He has now had the opportunity to fish in 5 different states, just returning from a trip to New York where he caught his biggest fish so far. Way to go Liam! Keep up the great fun!

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Liam Campbell, age 7, shows off his biggest fish so far.