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Author commends brothers

Posted on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 3:43 pm

In the November 20 edition of the Northern Neck News, an article was published commending two young brothers, Ethan and Jared Diggs for raising nearly $600 for the community through their lemonade stands. This idea came from the book, “The Lemonade War,” by Jacqueline Davies.

After this article was published, the boys received a very special letter from Davies herself:

“Dear Ethan and Jared,

Hi! I am the author of THE LEMONADE WAR, which you recently read at your school.”

She continues: “I read the article in [the Northern Neck News] about you raising money for school supplies and backpacks for kids less fortunate than you.

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of your efforts. What a tremendous difference you made! Making nearly $600 in profit and giving it back to your community! Wow! Evan and Jessie would say that’s a lot of dough! I’m so glad you read my book and it inspired you to work hard for others. We all need a hand from time to time, and you were there to help others when they needed it most. Hurray for both of you, and all the others who helped you, too. A big thumbs up to both of you and a giant round of applause! Keep being wonderful!


Jacqueline Davies


Congratulations (again) to these two amazing young boys!