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A personal renaissance

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 9:55 am

“Nineteen nineteen to nineteen forty-nine was an amazing period for African Americans who experienced the Harlem Renaissance,” said Donna Jackson, co-founder of L.I.F.E. School of Art in Tappahannock. Art, literature and music were alive and vibrant and Jackson has made it her mission to capture the essence of that time and immerse students in it.

Most recently, she held a four-session class called Harlem Renaissance Rewind: Painting and Prose, which connected a group of women with diverse backgrounds to one another and to that historical period.

The women listened to music and read and discussed literary works. They explored different art forms and artists of the period and they wrote about and shared details of their personal renaissance.

During their wide-ranging conversations Carolina Lemon revealed that she went to college with Colin Powell and Laurie Morrisette recounted the experience of being a white teacher who integrated a black school in South Carolina.

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Harlem Renaissance Rewind helped connect people with different backgrounds.