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Woman convicted in McDonalds theft

Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 9:35 am

A former employee has been convicted of embezzlement of funds from the McDonald’s in Kilmarnock.

Deborah Ann Thompson, 49, of Baltimore, was convicted of felony embezzlement of more than $11,000 from her employer, Kilmarnock McDonald’s, in Lancaster County Circuit Court on Aug. 9. Thompson was sentenced to 10 years incarceration with all but nine months suspended and ordered to pay $11,688.84 in restitution, according to a statement from the Lancaster County Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Thompson was working at Kilmarnock McDonald’s as the store manager, when on April 5, 2012, fellow workers witnessed her count the daily deposit and then combine those funds with those of two other employees totaling $11,688.84 in preparation for her standard daily bank deposit.

However, Thompson never deposited the funds in the local bank.  Instead she fled the state with the money. Police made every effort to locate Thompson once they were notified, but she had left the state before McDonald’s realized the funds were missing the next day.

Thompson was still missing until some investigatory work took place a few months ago.

“We thought the case was dead in the water,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Cunningham said, “until the sheriff’s office approached an individual who was willing to cooperate. That person informed us about the likely location of Ms. Thompson. With this information the sheriff’s office successfully coordinated with Maryland law enforcement to have her seized and extradited to Lancaster County on April 3, 2013 to stand trial. The sheriff’s office really did an outstanding job in capturing and getting her here,” Cunningham said.

McDonald’s management was relieved to have the case solved. William Washington of McDonald’s Ashland Headquarters said: “I am glad to hear the way the case was handled. I think it was very quick in being resolved compared to other situations I have dealt with. Big thanks to the police and the judicial system.”