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Weekend gun show loaded with enthusiasts

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 8:45 am

On a bright, windy day with a parking lot packed full of cars, the Richmond County Volunteer Fire Department opened the doors to their gun and knife show at the Times Square shopping center by the Tractor Supply Company.
Notices on the doors and windows set a few ground rules for the event: no loaded firearms and no pictures or videos allowed inside. Admission was charged for the event and resulted in a stamp that would get a person into the event both days.
Walking the packed hall up and down the rows and racks of new and used guns, of those in the possession of licensed vendors and private collectors, there was an air of excitement. People went about the business of inspecting, conversing about, and purchasing firearms and knives of all shapes and sizes. They ranged from pistols the size of your hand, to bolt-action rifles, to revolvers, to shotguns, to semi-automatic assault weapons; the knives ranged from throwing knives to Bowie knives and evolved to swords and throwing stars.
This was the second year the volunteer fire department sponsored a gun show. “We filled up. There were a lot of people last year,” said Tyler Hinson of the fire department. The fire department holds meetings to decide what sort of event, what type of fundraiser, they want to do. The gun show was popular last year, so they decided to do it again.
They looked at the list of vendors from last year and sent applications for them to apply for a place at the show again. When they knew the date, had the venue and vendors, they started advertising the event. The fire department set up tables for the vendors a few days before the gun show began.
The morning of the show, the vendors arrived and set up their assigned booths. According to Hinson, most vendors came from within two to two and a half hours of the show.

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