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Warsaw chiropractor and Northumberland educator adjusts to his new clinic

Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Dr. Mathieu Sisk, whose chiropractic influence is B.J. Palmer (in frame).

Dr. Mathieu Sisk, whose chiropractic
influence is B.J. Palmer (in frame).

It all started with a love for the game of rugby.

Inside his newly opened, spacious chiropractic center on Warsaw’s Main Street, Dr. Mathieu W. Sisk, D.C. walked into a room filled with memories of experiences, triumphs and inspirations.

Lined atop a row of white cabinets in the room were two rugby game balls next to a collection of buoys from Sisk’s travels; they were adorned with the signatures of Sisk’s students from Northumberland Middle School.

Sisk gestured to a framed newspaper article below the cabinets from 2001, titled “Doctor studied at school of hard knocks.”  The article mirrored Sisk’s explanation of how his pursuit of a career in chiropractic therapy began.

Sisk is a straight chiropractor and offers the Advanced BioStructural Correction technique as well as the Thompson Drop Table technique.

“I’m into structurally getting you to stand up straight and not be in pain, because pain is discomfort, and discomfort is not healthy,” Sisk said. When people have their head slumped forward and their shoulders rounded, they are in pain, he said.


“Your body … requires more effort to hold yourself up. Your knees start to hurt, your feet start to hurt because it’s just like if you take a bowling ball and you stick it on a pole or a broom handle … when it starts getting off-balance, it starts getting heavier and heavier,” Sisk said. “Same thing with your head—it’s 10, 14 pounds.”

Sisk has a way to figure out which way the body breaks down.

After checking to see what is keeping the body off-posture, Sisk can physically adjust the body in a gentle, painless motion that corrects the issue and helps in returning the body to a standup position.

“Once you start feeling pain, that’s the only thing you think about,” Sisk said. “Instead of thinking about, ‘Today’s Tuesday, I’m wondering what we’re doing today. I’m wondering what’s going on for the Fourth,’ you’re thinking, ‘How am I going to get through today? Because this is hurting me and this is pain.’

“I’m going to get you [from being] stuck in this forward position where you’re in pain to back up and no pain,” Sisk said.

Sisk was an avid rugby player for 13 years, having traded hits and knocks and bruises in the rough and tumble sport while in high school, at Longwood College where he received his B.S. Degree in business administration, and at the School of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Through Life, Sisk played at the highest level of rugby that there was in the United States without becoming an American Eagle. Even before they graduated from chiropractic school, he and his teammates would bring along their tables and people would be lined up for a chance to be adjusted by a rugby player.

After achieving his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University, Sisk elected to do post-graduate work with Dr. Michael Kale, D.C. at Kale’s South Carolina clinics, where Sisk learned benefits of upper-cervical chiropractic, which focuses on adjusting the atlas and the axis—the top vertebrae of the neck—and their overall connections to the body’s functions.

Sisk utilized the upper-cervical technique when he first opened the Sisk Chiropractic Clinic in Warsaw years ago. With the technique, he was improving people’s health. It was a wonderful experience, he recalled.

Sisk is a middle school science teacher at NMS and has taught there for nine years.


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