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VIMS hosting meetings for fisherman grants

Posted on Friday, December 4, 2015 at 10:59 am

The VIMS Advisory Services is accepting applications to compete for funding as part of the
Virginia Fishery Resource Grant Program (VFRGP). The Virginia Legislature created the
Fishery Resource Grant Program to “protect and enhance the Commonwealth’s coastal
fishery resource through the awarding of grants.”

Basic to the program is the belief that people in the commercial fishing industry often have
valid ideas to enhance and protect fisheries, but may lack the financial resources to
experiment with innovations. The Fishery Resource Grant Program invests in such ideas
generated by the fishing public through fair and competitive methods.

The legislation established four priority areas for funding as follows:
• New Fisheries Equipment and Gear – focus on the development of less
environmentally destructive gear, by-catch reduction, and more effective ways
to handle catch.
• Environmental Pilot Studies – focus on ways to restore damaged habitat,
create new habitat, prevent habitat impairment, or reduce impact from fishing or
aquaculture activities.
• Aquaculture/Mariculture – focus on ways to develop criteria and assessment
for permits, increase return from investment in culture activities, or introduce
new species to the existing aquaculture list to broaden participation in
commercial aquaculture.
• Seafood Technology and Utilization – develop value-added products from
existing production, the utilization of underused or new fishery resources,
develop models for total quality system management programs, or increase
returns in the seafood industry by improving packaging and handling.

Eligibility – To be eligible for funding under the Fishery Resource Grant Program, each
proposal must substantially involve Virginians who are actively involved in a fishing
industry (which is defined as persons involved in commercial activities relating to fishery
resources, aquaculture/mariculture, or the processing or handling of fishery products).
Proposals submitted by persons not involved in a fishing industry must have 1) substantial
involvement of Virginia fishers as defined above, and 2) include written endorsements from
persons or organizations representing fishing industries supporting the project. The work can
involve both inshore and offshore fisheries. All proposals submitted within the limits of the
Guidelines for Submission will be accepted and reviewed for technical merit and the ability
to address one or more of the specific priorities listed above.

Proposal Submission – To be considered for funding in this solicitation, a signed application
must be postmarked no later than January 29, 2016. Mailed copies should be sent to: Tom
Murray, VFRGP Manager, Marine Advisory Program, Virginia Institute of Marine
Science, P.O. Box 1346, Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062. No applicant may submit
more than 2 proposals for this cycle. Faxed or electronic proposals will not be considered.

A series of workshops will be held to explain the grants program, including eligibility and
funding priorities, how to complete the application form, and where to go for more help
when developing a grant proposal package. The time and location of these workshops are
listed below:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Classroom 150, Eastern Shore Community College
29300 Lankford Highway
Melfa, VA 23410

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Director’s Conference Room, Watermen’s Hall
VIMS Campus, 1375 Greate Road
Gloucester Point, VA 23062

The Request for Proposals and application forms are available on-line at: To request a copy of the application package contact Dianne
Roberts at (804) 684-7173.