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Topping man sentenced in Lancaster County for DUI hit and run

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 10:32 am

From the Lancaster County Commonwealth’s Attorney:

Kenneth B. Jackson, 52, of Topping, VA was found guilty of a Felony Hit and Run and enhanced DUI on May 23, 2014 and Sentencing was argued July 25 in Lancaster County Circuit Court. The court in addressing the Hit and Run levied a sentence of 5 years with 3 years 3 months suspended for an active jail sentence of 1 year 9 months. Furthermore, for the DUI the court gave him 90 days with 85 suspended for an additional 5 days to serve. The court further ordered that $4,062 be paid in restitution.

“Jackson “T-boned” an older couple’s car in December 2013 in White Stone just prior to the Annual Christmas Parade. He then sped away from the scene without stopping. White Stone Chief of Police Cliff Dawson immediately responded and at the direction of witnesses at the scene pursued the vehicle down White Stone Beach Road. He located the vehicle, identified the driver as Kenneth Jackson and arrested him.”, Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Cunningham said, “At sentencing, the fact that Jackson fled the scene, attempted to allude being found and admitted to consuming a fifth of gin an hour before the incident along with his enhanced DUI level of 0.19% played a major role in the court’s determination. The statutory level of a standard DUI is 0.08%.”