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Thomas looks to keep legacy in Dist. 1

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 8:56 am



After four years of service, Dist 1. Supervisor Richard Thomas is hoping that his dedication and decisions on behalf of his constituents will earn him a second term this November.

“I originally felt the need to run to make a difference in the county and to create the opportunity to try to give the people an accessible tool to serve them,” Thomas said in a Sept. 16 interview. “I wanted to see economic difference and groundwork laid to carry the county for the future to come. I think everybody has the same vision to a certain degree.”

Raised in the Sharps/Emmerton area, Thomas has lived all his life on Sharps Road.

His parents ran a farming operation and Thomas’ Store, both of which Thomas now co-operates with his family members.

Thomas attended to RHS, graduating in 78, and immediately continued to work with his family.

In 1979, at the request of local citizens, Thomas began to drive a bus for the Richmond County School system, a route that he still drives to this day. S

“It started out just as subbing, because I knew the county and all the different folks,” Thomas said.  “I liked being around the youth, our future leaders.  I have driving the bus now for 33 years and I still enjoy it and I hope that I am making a slight difference in their lives by trying to be a positive role model.”

Addressing his decision to run for a second term, Thomas said that he felt that ensuring a legacy of positive decisions in the best interests of his constituents was his main goal.

He also added that he is extremely proud of the work he and his fellow board members have achieved over the past four years.

“We have got a Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP) for the 1st time ever, which is a work in progress and will address the future needs of the county,” Thomas said.  “We have also helped get the little league park established and are working towards getting the YMCA set up with new soccer fields.”

Thomas said that through cooperation, the supervisors and school board worked out a compromise for the new school construction project and through community outreach worked on tax relief for elderly and disabled.

“I feel good about helping citizens with their concerns, no matter what size,” Thomas said. “Some of the things we have achieved together have been road name changes, guardrails, speed limits have been changed, addressing safety issues all the while maintaining spending so that there are no unnecessary increases in taxes.”

Thomas added that to be able to help people, one on one, and take care of a concern is one of the most important things to him.

“A whole lot more goes in to the county operations that until you get involved, you don’t see,” Thomas said. “On a day to basis it goes unseen and not put into the equation.”

Thomas said that the important issues he is running his platform on include finalizing the project, seeing the CIP “get a little more set in concrete,” and keeping taxes as low as possible to meet the needs of the citizens.

“I am also a big supporter of promoting and encouraging small businesses to come to the area to create jobs,” he said.

Thomas is a member of Farnham Baptist and has been married to wife, Sinka, for 30 years this December. They have two buys, Richard and David.

“I’d like to commend everybody that puts their best foot forward to have community events that bring us together,” Thomas said, adding that anyone wishing to contact him regarding questions or concerns could call 804-761-0395 or ask him in person wherever he is seen ‘out and about.”