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The Bass are calling!

Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 11:02 am

Chandlers Mill Pond

Chandlers Mill Pond

By Bruce Callis Jr.

Who went fishing this week? Did you catch anything? I managed my first bass of 2014. Nothing huge, but it was a real beauty. It sure felt good fighting it in. Of course, I did see a smile on its face as I took its picture. Placing it back in the water, a tail wag goodbye, and off it swam. Back it went to grow up for another day.
I’m no expert on fishing, but who really is. Even the best get skunked and come home wondering what they did wrong. And I’ve been skunked many times, but I have learned from each time it has happened. I have it logged into my mental memory bank. And the next time out, I can draw on all the past experiences, good and bad. Fishing is about learning from our past and moving forward. It is also about having fun. It’s about building memories to last a lifetime.
Now, I do love talking about the sport, but some of these special ponds are so top secret, those that fish them won’t let on to even remotely where they are. I know, I tried my best to find out this past Sunday…

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