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Sweet treats hit the streets

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 7:53 am

The blue sign over the door, with the letters LET’em EAT CAKE shows to the community that the new bakery, owned and operated by sisters Julie Garrett and Debbie McCoy, is open for business with sweets and treats of all sizes, shapes, colors and varieties.
“We’ve been baking since we were four or five,” said McCoy. “I’ve been a professional baker for 30 or 32 years.” The sisters started their baking with an Easy Bake Oven when they were little and made baked goods with their grandmother and great-grandmother. Their grandmother was born in 1913, and lived during the Great Depression; she made a called famous Buttermilk Pie.
When she grew up, McCoy went to work for grocery stores, in the bakery section no less, and worked every job there was under the sun, up through manager and beyond.
Afterwards, she opened her own bakery in Dinwiddie. “I got a great deal on the building,” she said, “but it turned out the location just wasn’t the best.” From that venture, she brought cabinets and candy molds to her new stores.
According to McCoy, her mother, who lived in Chesterfield died in late March of this year. McCoy lived with and took care of her mother, and when she passed, McCoy didn’t want to stay around the area. Her sister Julia lived in Warsaw, so she decided to move to this area. “I don’t have that much family left,” she said.
Together, the sisters saw a need for a bakery shop in the area that made every baked good under the sun, and so they opened their shop on Prince Street in Tappahannock. McCoy says they bake everything every morning. Their prices are comparable to Walmart and Food Lion. “We want to keep everything affordable,” she said.

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