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Smiling in the face of adversity

Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 9:00 am




Since he was born, the Headley’s have feared their son’s doctors visits. Every time the Warsaw family takes their son to the hospital, they know there is a one in four chance he will not walk out alive.

But two weeks ago little Sean, now a five-year-old outgoing Kindergartener, accompanied his parents Wayne and Sara to the hospital for a trip they could not have been happier to attend.

On Dec. 7, Sean was one of the feature participants in a 36-hour radiothon hosted by the MCV Children’s Hospital of Richmond in collaboration with the Children’s Miracle Network where, joined with other families of children living with incurable diseases, they helped raise over $100,000 for research and quality care.

The Headley’s journey began in 2007, when Wayne and Sara, who both graduated from Northumberland High School, were having their second child.

“I had a normal pregnancy and birth, but I knew there was something wrong with him as soon as I had him,” Sara said.

An associate professor of nursing at Rappahannock Community College, Sara recognized the signs that her child was not completely healthy.

“It was also mother’s intuition,” she said.