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Shots fired in attempted robbery

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 3:56 pm

Holly Rose Griffin, 27, of Tappahannock, entered Alford Pleas to her charges in Essex County Circuit Court on October 3.
Griffin was facing charges of abduction, conspiracy to commit abduction, attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery. By entering Alford Pleas, defendants quintessentially state that the evidence against them would likely lead to conviction.
Essex County Commonwealth Attorney Vince Donoghue told the court that the incident Griffin was involved in began on July 19 when two of her codefendants, Travis Omar Harvey and Victor Newman Bibbens, wasted approximately $9,000 at a gentleman’s club. Harvey and Bibbens were in need of money to purchase illegal drugs, which they intended to resell. Tiffany Nichole Griffin, the third confidant in this case, was the individual who contacted the victim in this incident and requested a ride.
When the victim arrived to the location on Mt. Landing Road, Bibbens, who drove the vehicle he was operating in front of the victim’s car, blocked him. At this time, Harvey, who was carrying a firearm, revealed himself from a cornfield.

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