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Senior facility gives away free gas

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 8:48 am

It’s always nice to be rewarded when you do a good job, but COO Earl Parker of Commonwealth Senior Living in Farnham has taken it a step further.
The full service senior living facility was recently awarded a two-year operation certification from the State of Virginia, which is a very rare and difficult feat.
Richard Brewer, Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Senior Living, started the tradition 10 years ago to reward any of their facilities that receive a two-year certification from the state.
“It says that we’re doing a really good job with all of the things that they monitor, so we’re treating all the team members in our community with a free tank of gas,” Parker said. “It gives us a chance to not only fill up their tanks and save them some money, but it also gives us a chance to chat with them and see how things are going and show our appreciation.”
All facilities are checked each year for the personal care the facility delivers to include the medications and the care plans for each resident and to make sure each facility is doing what they’re supposed to for the doctors’ orders and what the residents

“In order to get a two-year certification license, we really have to be going above and beyond what the average is across the state and it’s a pretty good accomplishment,” Parker said.
With the 55 employees who work at the Farnham location, Parker was hoping he would fill up all 55 tanks.

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