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School contractor shutters doors

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 11:15 am

It was news that rocked the Richmond County School System.

On Sept. 30, Rancorn Wildman, the Architect in charge of the new school construction project, filed for Chapter 7 in bankruptcy court and shut down their operations.

Quick maneuvering, by local officials, however, has ensured that not only will the unexpected event not hinder the school project, but that there will be a seamless transition that will not cost taxpayers any additional funding and may result in an actual saving.

According to Schools Superintendent Dr. Greg Smith, the contractors “have completed about 90 percent of their work for us. And there is  remaining about $126,000 yet to be billed as is allocated to their work.”

He added that the county is currently in negotiations with people who have worked on and are familiar with the project to complete overseeing the job.

“We must have an architect on this project that can complete the last infrastructure work which is basically the submittals for design changes from the contractor,” Smith said. “That includes unspecified or change orders coming from subcontractors including locks, door handles, filter systems and other details that the contractor will look to include at the highest quality with the lowest possible price.

He added that the final cost for that service may come under the $126,000 still owed if a new company is hired.

“This will be a seamless transition and in no way will hamper the progress of construction or the project.”

Smith noted that the matter will be fully discussed at the next board meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 9 at the county meeting room.