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Saddlery uncovers treasures

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2018 at 1:19 pm

The longstanding questions about the Saddlery, “Was it ever moved before?” and “If it was moved, when,” have been answered with rigorous attention to detail by Archaeologist Michele Brumfield and her sister, Shannon Brumfield.
In a packed room at Relish on the evening of June 26, Michele shared her research, the questions she had, and the answers she eventually found. It started before the building was moved to its current location just outside the town park, when an architectural history professor from William and Mary, Doctor Carl Lounsbury, was brought in to examine the building. His decision at the time was that the long held idea that the building had been moved before was incorrect; siting the materials used appeared to be the same throughout the building.
Enter Michele and Shannon, who volunteered their time to perform archaeological work on the site after the building had moved. At the time, they dug in two locations; behind the building and in front.

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