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Rising Country music artists to perform in Warsaw

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 4:10 pm

Katelyn Marks Drye was born in Virginia where she stayed until her kindergarten year when her family moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Singing in a small church was always a passion that Katelyn enjoyed. Growing up as a pastor’s child she later realized she wanted to pursue music more than any average teen. Katelyn’s husband, Derek, was born and raised in Thomasville, North Carolina. He began playing guitar in school when he decided to join the high school band.
The Dryes met through a mutual friend one evening when they were set up on a blind date. They didn’t know then that Little Donkey Mexican Restaurant would become their favorite place. In 2008, after meeting for dinner, they both saw sparks and knew they wanted to be with each other forever. They became inseparable. Katelyn said, “I always wanted to sing and perform. I said that from an early age and especially in middle and high school. I remember talking with one of my friends in chorus one day and telling her I wanted to do music for a living. I named a few of the artists that we would listen to as examples. Derek fell in love with country music when we met. I took him to a Carrie Underwood/Little Big Town concert and he was blown away by their voices and harmonies. He merged his influences in blues and his guitar skills and we started writing songs together. While he didn’t first set out to do country music, his voice naturally had a bit of twang, so it was obvious after we started singing together. We quickly started down the country music road.”
The couple plans to be touring regularly and sharing the stage with some of their favorite performers. Writing songs that matter is one of the top priorities to The Dryes. “We want people to feel something when they listen. A song is a powerful thing, it has the ability to comfort you in times of sorrow and happiness. Songs meet you where you are, can give you hope knowing you aren’t alone. A song can give a voice to what you are feeling and that is the best experience we can ask for,” said Katelyn.

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