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Red Cross Blood Drive continues Oct. 1

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 9:06 am

The Northumberland County Chapter of the Red Cross held its Blood Drive at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church on Tuesday, July 30.  We had a good turnout for the summertime, 74 people, and 66 units were collected.

The Northumberland Lions provided our Canteen for the donors.  The Lion Volunteers were:  Joel Stubbs, Terry Wise, Bob Holley, Al Hooker, and Rick Czwartski.  They are not only great chefs, but helpful and fun to work with.  The always loyal and hard working Red Cross Volunteers were:  Joan Clements, Ann Le Kandor, Marge Himler, Ellie Knight, Rick Skelton, Bill Kirby, Sherry Fisher, Garland Dillard and Rick Landon of the Heathsville and Reedville Masons, Lisa Miles, and Kitty Creeth.

The Donors were:  Ola Nash, Deborah Mader, Elizabeth H. Tate, Bernard Cogar, Marilyn McCabe, Betty Dillingham, David Ebersole, Paula Reuter, Ray Reuter, Carole Ellis, Marge Himler, Jim Schmalz, Amanda Ruett, Rich Landon, Joe Baker, Warren Blackwell, Kathy Pitts, Judith M. Clark, John Morganthaler, Anne Cook, Kitty Creeth, Sandra Petty, Anna Whiting, Joan Clements, Ellen A. Lent, Jamie Sabia, Sarah Sinclair, Jim Poore, Albert L. Jones, David Fine, Sandy Saxer, Stanley Norris, Michael D. Silagy, Anne Stanley, Ellen Lally, Samantha Davis, William Fleishman, Terence Cooper, Christopher Watkins, Stephen Tucker, Jamie Bowen, Lucas Wigfield, Gregory Johnson, Allen Dodson, Chuck Wilkins, Christopher Bingham, Anita Rose, Jack Frazier, Elizabeth Whiteside, Charles M. Butler, Sr., Miranda Payne, Ellen Muddiman, Nancy Burgess, Robin Jenkins, William A. Bracker, Daniel Walsh, Glenn Fallin, Thomas Tomlin, Susan Christopher, Cindy Howard, Garrett Howard, Phillip Smith, Howard Ray, Ashley Lee, Bonnie Lee, Elsie Tomlin, Bradley Exline, Valerie Conner Groff, Anthony Herr, Sarah Gordon, Kristina Brown, Joshua Nicholson, Roberta Jones, and David Traylor.

The Northumberland County Red Cross will hold its next Blood Drive at First Baptist Church in Heathsville on Tuesday October 1, 2013 from noon until 6 p.m.  Please plan to come and help give “the Gift of Life” to someone in need.