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Raiders participate in ‘Arts in the Park’

Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 10:01 am

Recently, Miss Sally Clement’s art students took part in a multiple medium art project that lasted for several weeks and culminated in students’ work being displayed in the Warsaw park. The project was Miss Clement’s brainchild born from wanting to combine old textbooks into her masks unit to make unique artistic renditions of famous individuals.

Students began their projects by having to research the person each had chosen and then having to write essays involving taking on the persona of the individual. Students not only researched the usual facts, but had to delve deeper into knowing the back stories of their chosen person by developing questions of what they knew, what they wanted to know, and who the individual was as a person.

From there, they had to cut holes in the front of the book and/or drill holes in order to attach the masks they had constructed, painted, and decorated. Once the two mediums were joined, students then had to decorate the book to make the two parts present one whole.  The final products showed the amazing talent Raiders possess and were a wonderful culmination to their art experience with Miss Clements.

The sun was shining bright in Warsaw park as Emma-Wade

Davis, one of the participating students, presented her artwork.