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Northern Neck fireman gets a second chance at life

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 3:18 pm

“Sunday’s my victory lap. I’ve done the work. I’m ready for this,” said Randy Feltner last week prior to the Historic Half in Fredericksburg. For Feltner, 39, being alive is a miracle; for three minutes last October 11, he was not.

During a work-out at the gym at Naval Station Warfare Center-Dahlgren Feltner collapsed. He awoke, dazed looking up at his fellow firefighters staring down at him not knowing what had occurred.

Feltner had suffered a heart attack and died. For three minutes he was without a pulse while his coworker, Brent O’Neil, worked on him. O’Neil began CPR immediately followed by the use of an automated external defibrillator. Luckily other members of his fire crew were outside waiting on those who were inside exercising.

The crew brought Feltner back then transported him to Mary Washington Hospital where he received a cardiac catheterization as soon as his wife, Katie, was able to reach him. When the doctors got into his arteries they found a 100 percent blockage on the right side.

They removed the blockage during the procedure and Feltner spent the next four days in the hospital being visited by family, friends, and coworkers.

During a conversation Feltner spoke of how after the heart attack, when people were asking if he was worried about going back to work he spoke, “I wasn’t worried about my job. I have enough pieces of paper to find work. I was worried about being able to run around with my daughter, spend time with my wife.”

Just days after his heart attack Feltner was supposed to graduate with his Master’s in Emergency Management from Columbia Southern University.

While he was unable to attend his graduation due to the heart attack, Colonial Beach Elementary School and its principal, Michele Coates, stepped up.

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Feltner flashes a peace sign as he hits the 13 mile mark of the 13.1 mile race.