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No place like a home

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 12:18 pm

Growing up, there was always that one house where all the neighborhood kids seemed to gravitate towards. The house of Alison and Tom Kimmitt is like that except it’s more of the fur and four-legged variety. The Heathsville couple run a unique pet-sitting service for dogs and cats called Pet B&B. What makes it special for the animals, is that they are treated very much like the three dogs and nine cats the couple already owns.

While there are fenced-in kennels and dog runs, complete with music, heating and air conditioning, there are regulars who get the “family treatment.”

The cats and dogs that “pass the interview process” as Tom refers to it, and get along with the Kimmitt’s family pack, get to spend time in the Kimmitt’s home, sometimes lounging on furniture or beds, which is much less stressful when they are away from their owners and disrupted from their routine.

“I wanted this to be a social kennel as opposed to a conventional kennel,” said Alison.

On this particular Friday evening, there were a number of repeat clients excitedly arriving with their owners as if it were summer camp, barking and wagging at familiar faces of both the human and canine variety.

“You can hear the barking coming down the driveway when they know they’re coming here,” said Alison. And all this is exactly what she was hoping for when she and Tom started the business in 2007.

Originally from Maryland, Alison and Tom were both realtors, and when the housing market crashed, they looked for other things bring in income. With three children in diapers, Alison responded that she “just wanted to stay home and play with my animals.” And Pet B&B was born.

Allie Kimmitt snuggles with pups Ginny, Torah and Myndi

who have made themselves at home and are enjoying the view.