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More books and videos: Town of Warsaw, Richmond County play roles in state fund boost for public library

Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 2:31 pm

Additional state monies will enable Richmond County Public Library to purchase over $20,000 worth of books and videos for its patrons.

The acquisition of said state monies was made possible by increased funding efforts from both the Town of Warsaw and Richmond County, Library Director Dan Ream said Thursday.

“Our past funding fell short of the minimum local government funding required to be eligible for State Aid to Public Libraries, which the legislature funds and the Library of Virginia administers,” Ream said in an email to the Northern Neck News. “Now, thanks to our local government funding increases, the Library of Virginia Board has waived the usual minimum requirement and has awarded the Richmond County Public Library approximately $23,000 in funding for 2014/2015, which will be used almost entirely for the purchase of public library books and videos.”

In a follow-up phone interview, Ream noted that about $1,000 of the state funds would go towards supplies for functions such as children’s programs.

Ream said the Library of Virginia had previously waived the minimum requirements over the past few years despite local funding not meeting its mark, but was unlikely to do so again this year.

“They have a per capita local government funding for whatever the territory is,” Ream said. “They basically figure out how much local government support is provided to the library per capita, then they take the mean of that figure which is … in Virginia, about $20 per capita.”

According to Ream, if the library doesn’t obtain half that amount from local government, then it does not qualify for state aid.

“We needed $10 or so per capita for Richmond County…”

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