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Montross. Va youth gallops in and returns National Champion

Posted on Thursday, December 26, 2013 at 10:32 am

This past summer, the hard work of a young girl from Montross earned her a new crown as a Grand Champion at the Palomino World Show.
Bosse, 12, competed in the 13 and under youth division with two of her horses, taking both a first and second prize in separate area showings.
Bosse, who began riding only 5 years ago, said that the accomplishments came after hard work, dedication and a love of her craft.
“This year I blossomed,” Bosse said. “Every show I did more classes and now I have done pretty much every class there is to do.”
On Nov. 25, the Palomino Association updated their world rankings, listing Bosse as number one in six of its youth divisions.
Bosse also appreciates the full support of her family, mother and father Lynn and Reece as well as siblings Lori & Aaron. They are very supportive of her, with Bosse’s father always making sure the truck and trailer are in good shape for road trips. Although he is busy taking care of the family business, Captain Mo’s Seafood LLC, that makes it hard for him to go away for weekend trips, Bosse has travelled across the country in the pursuit of her equine dreams.
“I made a lot of friends from different states, learned how to take care and responsibility for something, learned training and discipline and that I have to work hard to get somewhere,” Bosse said, adding that she will continue to work hard until she attains her goal of being ranked number one in the nation.
Although initially, she and her horses did not get along, they are now inseparable and only allow Bosse to care for them.
Introduced to Palominos by a cousin from St. Stephen’s Church who is in the carriage business and encourages youth to get involved in riding, Bosse that that through local organizations like the 4-H, other young people her age could find the enrichment she has during her tutelage.
“This is a lot of fun, you travel a lot and it’s great,” Bosse said, adding that she was proud of her win and looking forward to the next competition.
“I worked hard, hard, trained hard and we did it,” she said.
Bosse will remain the Grand Champion for a year, and expects more travel in her future.
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Bosse is currently #3 overall in the nation in the 13-and-under Palomino Association division. She is also in line for year-end awards, which should be finalized by mid-January.