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Meet RivahFest Idol contestant Lauren Blue

Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 11:58 am

Lauren Blue

Lauren Blue

Her voice was rich, melodic, soothing. Every syllable was in sync with the selection that she was singing. As she maneuvered in and out of the rapid fire of the opening verses to Lorde’s “Royals” and into the powerful chorus, Lauren Blue was at ease all the way through, singing the verses as she had done so many times before.

Lauren is no stranger to singing in front of an audience. From local and regional sports events to major singing competitions, the polite Richmond County Intermediate student and Tappahannock resident is an experienced performer with heavy support from her family and friends.

And this June, Lauren is looking forward to taking the stage in her second RivahFest Idol competition on June 21 in Tappahannock.

“I’m excited about performing and if I get to win the first prize, or second,” Lauren said. “I still kind of get nervous in front of crowds, but I’m kind of used it to because of last year when I performed [at RivahFest].”

Lauren is the second youngest of the 10 finalists in the Idol competition, but singing, her parents said, is something she has been doing her entire life.

Her mother, Sharon, said that when Lauren was a baby, she would make a melodic hum.

“It sounded like a radio that was down on very low,” Sharon said.

Lauren’s dad, Michael Blue, said that when she was a very young child, she could watch a music video and then, the next day, sing it word-for-word.

Her parents noted that they received tremendous joy from listening to her around the house; her peers often ask her to sing for them as well.

Lauren has not only taken her talent to RivahFest, in which she finished third last year; she won her first singing competition at Donk’s Theater in Mathews County. She has also auditioned for Lake Fest Idol as well as for X Factor down in Charleston, South Carolina.

She characterized the auditioning process as “scary” as there were 32 cubicles arranged on the floor of the arena, and 40 to 50 people were singing at once, each singer with a judge.

Lauren said it’s usually nerve-racking for her before she goes onstage, but after she starts performing, the nerves go away.

Lauren has worked with vocal coaches that include Adriana McPhee, sister of American Idol alum Katherine McPhee.

She has also been asked to sing the National Anthem at local events and venues such as Relay for Life, Essex County Little League and twice at Virginia Motor Speedway in Saluda.

Lauren enjoys music in the pop genre and particularly likes Alicia Keys, Adele, Carrie Underwood and Christina Aguilera. Among her favorite songs to sing are “Beautiful” by Aguilera, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and “Royals” by Lorde.

Her parents shared how proud they were of Lauren and her talents, and said to keep an eye out for her in the next four years and onward.