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Letters to the Editor: Week of Jan. 29.

Posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 9:00 am

Dog Days in Essex
On Thursday, the Tappahannock Police Department solved the theft of two dogs which occurred on the night of December 19, 2012.  The dogs were taken during a break-in at the Essex County Animal Pound.  I wrote a letter to the Editor about the break-in and described the perpetrators as domestic terrorists affiliated with PETA.  An article about arrest appears in this issue of the paper.
Our Town Police Department gathered extensive evidence pertaining to break-in, the larceny, and the subsequent transportation and hiding of the two dogs which a court had declared to be vicious dogs that had killed almost the entire herd of alpacas at an Essex County Farm.  Unfortunately, the lack of both funding and staffing at the State Crime Lab caused an excessive delay in processing the evidence.  Continued efforts by the Detective gathered sufficient evidence to arrest of the Pound Manager, Angel Fennell and several other persons.
The Shelter Manager and at least some of the others who were arrested are also implicated in at least one other animal protection case involving other Pounds, Animal Control Officers, volunteers and other persons.  Additional complaints have be submitted to the Commonwealth’s Attorney concerning Ms. Fennell and Deborah Cowen, a pound volunteer who resides in King and Queen County.
Over the next several weeks additional complaints will be presented regarding animal neglect, animal cruelty, and numerous violations of the Code of Virginia and the Department of Agriculture Animal Regulations.
I believe that the persistence demonstrated by the entire Tappahannock Police Department and especially Detective R. C. Beynon is in the highest traditions of law enforcement departments and officers.  I recommend that Detective Beynon receive special recognition for his skill, determination, and successful closing of the break-in and larceny case.

John Clickener
Illegal Drugs in Town 
Everyone knows Essex County is full of drugs.  I hope we have not forgotten the incident in our school system in 2012 where an inequitable dispensation of punishment to one child was due to spice and whether or not it was the legal or illegal compound of the drug.
Users of the drug have experienced heart attacks, seizures, committed suicide, hallucinations, psychotic behaviors, kidney damage and vomiting.  Nationally, about 22,904 emergency room visits were linked to spice, or “bath salts,” in 2011.
Of hundreds of high school seniors interviewed, spice was their second choice of drug after marijuana.  Spice is now their first choice because it is cheap and accessible.
Senator Mark Herring (D-Loudon) wrote Virginia’s synthetic marijuana law, after many reports of hospitalized children.    Certain chemicals used to make spice were banned, hence, a loophole.  The drug developer changes an illegal ingredient with one that has not been outlawed and business carries on.   I have to wonder if illegal drugs are protected by our representatives who seem only capable of writing laws that are easily evaded by the criminal.
President Obama recently announced he sees nothing wrong with using marijuana.   Does he also think spice is acceptable?  Did he think about the consequences of unleashing a country full of drug users?  Our economy is failing, we have no jobs, taxes are soaring to take care of the entitled, illegal aliens are bankrupting us, depression and legal drug use is growing, Christians are demonized, medical insurance is a joke and this is the best he can come up with.  Thanks Mr. President, but we don’t need drugs to endure the life you have created for us.  We think growing and selling drugs is your idea of shovel ready jobs but not ours.
Essex citizens want searches of the schools for drugs.  We want storefronts who sell drugs kicked out of our county.   We are tired of hearing about the abusers rights.  Stop covering up the problem Essex County and do your jobs.

Julie Saunders