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Leaning lights cause concern

Posted on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 2:50 pm

Some of the new acorn lights on Main Street are leaning, and the issue has not gone unnoticed or unaddressed.

“Rest assured that we’re going to take care of it,” town manger Joseph Quesenberry told Warsaw council members at last month’s meeting.

The town spent $55,000 on its first phase of acorn lighting. Dominion subcontracted the installation work to Team Fishel, and the results are not up to par. In addition to leaning, the poles were not tagged, which exacerbates the issue because tag numbers are used to place work orders.

Initially, the complaints seemed to be “falling on deaf ears” and Dominion instructed Warsaw to just use physical indicators to identity which lights need work.

For Quesenberry, that is not an acceptable solution.

Members of the town’s staff went to Tappahannock and Montross and confirmed that the lights there were installed properly and tagged. Quesenberry is intent on ensuring Warsaw gets the same results.

He told the town council that someone’s going to have to be held accountable, and that may involve moving up the ladder. However, since last month’s meeting, Dominion has vowed to fix the problems.

The company said they will send a crew to pour an asphalt base under the lights that were placed in existing parking lots and will have all of the lights tagged by this month, Quesenberry confirmed last week.

But, “if the problems aren’t corrected in a timely manner, Warsaw plans to work the Dominion’s Local Government Representative to get the process fixed and will get the town’s attorney involved,” he added.

At least one vehicle has already hit a leaning light at the post office.

“The leaning poles pose a safety risk to both vehicles and pedestrians. We fear that without a solid foundation, future injuries may occur,” said Quesenberry.

Warsaw will continue to pay its monthly electric bill for the lights, and if any problems arise such as damage from cars or storms, Dominion will be responsible for the repairs, he said.

Warsaw is planning another project that will continue to bring the acorn lighting down Main St. This phase will cost $92,000 and Quesenberry said the town is going to ensure those lights are installed correctly.

“Now that we have seen how this process works, we will be able to be more diligent during installation of the next phase and will involve our attorney and Dominion’s Local Government Representative… And I would like to see Dominion do the next phase, not Team Fishel,” he said.

“Rest assured that we’re going to take care of it,” town manager Joseph Quesenberry told Warsaw residents.