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Lancaster County farmer Ronnie Forrester is rooted in his passion for agriculture, helping others

Posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Across the line into Lancaster County from Richmond County lies a farm described by its owner as a small operation.

This “small operation” consists of one thousand acres of commodity farm and one hundred head of cattle.  Ron Forrester, a modest man, owns and operates Holyoke Farm along with his family, working, as most farmers do, from sun up to past sun down.

The actual farm, with its surrounding two hundred acres, is kept pristine, with barns full of equipment clean and shining.  They appear as if they just came off the show room floor.

He uses a tractor he is saving for his grandson, who he says loves farming, to use when he gets old enough.  His grandson is three years old. His son has the first tractor Forrester ever used.

“When I’m finished working in the field, then I have to go and clean all of my machinery,” Forrester said. “I keep it clean and maintained.  I even paint it myself.”

Forrester’s son, Dwight, mentioned they all learned from Grafton Forrester and his father before him, the farm patriarch, to take care of the equipment, land and animals.  Not only is it an investment — it is what it takes to make a farm successful.  Dwight said his father does…


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