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Kilmarnock Mayor seeks re-election

Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Raymond Booth, current Mayor of Kilmarnock

Raymond Booth, current Mayor of Kilmarnock

An interview with current Kilmarnock Mayor Raymond Booth, who is campaigning as incumbent for the upcoming election, provided an opportunity for Booth to proffer his campaign statement which illustrates the Mayor’s views of challenger Councilwoman Mae Umphlett and his counter-position(s). In its totality, it reads:

“The May 6th election presents the citizens of Kilmarnock with a clear and distinct choice in the direction it wants to be led.

“Councilwoman Umphlett is a member of the ‘slate of four’, elected in 2012, which now controls town council. This group has block-voted for the entire two years and this lack of independence on our council has been harmful to our town.

“Mrs. Umphlett has not once voted in opposition to other slate members, more commonly referred to as the “Nunn Group” led by Councilwoman Rebecca Nunn.

“Residents can, in this election, re-elect me as mayor and elect new council members that will return common sense thinking to our local government.

“As mayor, I will oppose excessive spending such as been done by this tax-and-spend council and will oppose any increase in water and sewer rates or taxes.

“Real estate and persona property taxes here in town should be reduced because they are duplicative to county taxes.

“We all pay an excessive 55 meal tax, which I support being reduced to 3 percent. We need to continue the path I have begun and make government more open. We need to stop hiding the facts from our citizens.

“Additionally, it has been the policy of this council to disclaim financial responsibility for failing sewer lines beyond the property owner’s boundaries. His is wrong and the town needs to take financial responsibility “beyond the curve” for failing sewer lines. This is the only common sense.

“Our citizens don’t need to be digging up the streets at their own expense. This current policy is inconsistent with the policies of almost all surrounding localities.

“And finally, our citizens and businesses need 24 hour police protection. If we can buy a near million dollar town hall for staff, then we should be able to afford reasonable, essential services for our citizens.”

The election is Tuesday, May 6.