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Folklore society makes the foreign seem familiar

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 2:30 pm

The clapping beats representing the cheetah, the rabbit, and the giraffe echoed through the RHS auditorium as students were treated to a presentation by the Elegba Folklore Society presentation on Friday, March 22. Based in Richmond, the two presenters represented the group dressed in authentic African dress and gave an informative demonstration, including the dance, story-telling, and music of Africa. Considered the Cradle of Civilization, the continent is rich in resources and influences given to the Western World. And in order to dispel many of the misconceptions most have about the continent, the Elegba Folklore Society tours the state making the foreign seem familiar as well as creating an engaging, audience participation experience for its audiences. Sponsored by Mrs. Patricia Means and the Multicultural Literature & Leadership team, students took part in a ceremony to honor Mother Earth by touching the floor, watched the dance representing coming of age, and clapped to the beat of the African drum. To culminate the event, students and teachers were invited on stage to dance with the preformers.