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Fishing in the Northern Neck

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 1:35 pm

Did you get out over the holiday weekend or one evening and do any fishing? I got out Monday to do a holiday fishing adventure with Jacob Stephens and Tiffany Risch on Horsepen Lake in kayaks. We had a fun day, I caught 2, but it was a tough day. But the time with friends makes even slow days so much fun. I made a stop on the 4th and landed a nice bass on a creature bait fished around wood laydowns. Saturday, I traveled up to the South Anna River to do a little kayak fishing with Snookie Risch. We fished just below the dam with no success, so we pulled the kayaks up above the dam and went further up the river. I managed a nice small bass and a big creek chub while Tiffany caught 3 small bass. What an awesome, relaxing experience traveling up the winding river, the overhanging branches producing nice shady moments of escape from the heat.

The bass are in their summer patterns, which means during the heat of the day, look for them to be holding in deeper water. Dragging a Carolina rig along the bottom is a good way to catch some big bass. They can also be found around structure along the shore where it meets deeper water. Soft plastics such as creature baits and worms worked along the outer edges and then into the structure can find some big bass waiting to ambush a passing prey. A squarebill or spinnerbait can also be worked around the laydown. Early morning and late evening are prime times for some exciting topwater action using a popper or walking bait. Bream can be found around the lily pad edges and laydowns and a small curly tailed jig or a worm under a bobber can be some exciting fun for the kid in us all.

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Bruce Callis and Snookie Risch enjoy the unique fishing that the Northern Neck has to offer.