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Farming expo filled with fun

Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 3:18 pm

The 2018 Virginia AG Expo was held in Champlain. on August 2.
Virginia Tech Associate Professor, Extension Specialist A. Holshouser were on hand welcoming people to the AG Expo.
“We try to move it around to different farms so we can have it through-out the entire state.”
“In addition to the displays and exhibits we have on hand we’re researching various things like planting dates and maturating groups and we even have some seeding rate studies.”
The Expo’s experiments with planting dates was late getting some of the plots started because of the wet weather.
“It was way too wet to plant in May but we finally got it in during the first week of June and we had a late planning date which was the end of June,” Holshouser said.
“If the weather is perfect then early planting is better. You’ve got a longer growing season and you’ve got a mature product. You have more sunlight during the day which means you’re gonna have a better product. We have varieties that are producing seed at the time, we got some that are not producing seed at the time but will be producing seed later.” Holshouser said. “We really spread this out so theoretically your seed pods growing on some of these plants and seed farming. Usually late July and August is our harvesting dry time of the year,” Holshouser said.
“Our soybean plot looks much better than it did two weeks ago.

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