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Facilitating growth in a small town

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 1:48 pm

As the activity and number of announcements regarding the revitalization of Warsaw pick up in pace, you may wonder how the economic development in Warsaw is gaining momentum in a time when other rural communities are struggling to stay alive.

And while no single individual can claim all the credit for the development upswing, Warsaw Town Manager Joseph Quesenberry, is certainly a pivotal part of the team focused on the town’s future.

“The town manager is like the CEO of a business and the Town Council acts as a board of directors,” Quesenberry said when asked to describe his role. Since he was appointed Town Manager by the Warsaw Town Council in 2016, Quesenberry has strived to “carry out their vision” of a vibrant small town in the heart of the Northern Neck.

The importance of small towns and serving the community are both significant to Quesenberry’s roots.

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