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Determined Raiders earn three victories

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 1:10 pm

No matter the weather or field conditions, the Rappahannock baseball would not be denied from playing at least some of their games. As a result of their efforts, their team is off to a 3-1 start after falling to Mathews once, but defeating them in  their double header, later Middlesex and then West Point to cap the week off.

In the 14-3 loss to Mathews, the pitching staff game up six hits and 14 runs.

Hunter Saunders fields a grounder from third. His sacrifice fly in the bottom of the sixth allowed Rappahannock to score an insurance fifth run in the Raiders’ 5-3 victory Friday over West Point.

Eamonn Collins led the team going 2-3 from the plate, scoring a run, collecting three RBI’s and hitting a homerun. He was followed by Austin Hall going 2-2 from the plate, and Seth Elbourne (0-1) and Romeo Jackson (0-3) each scoring a run.

In their second game,  Rappahannock edged out a 3-2 win over Mathews with Collins picking up the mound victory. He pitched four innings allowing only one hit, a run and four walks. He capped his time off striking out nine at bat.

At the plate, Devin Sisson was 1-2 scoring a run. He was followed by Marquise Lanier (1-2) scoring a run, Collins (1-3) with two RBI’s and Dillon Selph (0-2) with an RBI.

Mitchell Hale picked up the mound victory in the 17-10 win over Middlesex last week. Hale pitched four innings allowing two hits, four runs, four walks. Before being taken off the mound he struck out three batters.

As a team, Rappahannock had 18 hits on 37 at bats last Thursday. Lanier (3-5) scored two runs and an RBI; Will Hoover (1-3) had an RBI; Collins (3-5) had two runs and four RBI’s; Hale (2-5) had two RBI’s; Tucker Douglas (4-5) had three runs and two RBI’s; Dylan Dunn (0-2) scored two runs; Sisson (2-4) had two runs and two RBI’s; Hall (2-4)  had a run and two RBI’s; Chance Herbert had an RBI; Hunter Sanders (1-3) had two runs and an RBI; Jackson scored a run; and Elbourne scored two runs.

To cap off the week, Collins earned his second mound victory of the season in a 5-3 win over West Point. He pitched four innings allowing three hits, no runs and no walks. Before leaving the mound he sent 10 batters back to the dugout.

At the plate, Rappahannock had six hits including those from Lanier (1-3), Hoover (1-3), Collins (1-3), Hale (1-3), Sisson (1-3), Dunn (1-3). Lanier, Collins, Douglas Sisson and Elbourne all scored a run each. Sanders and Dunn each notched out an RBI.