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Couple celebrates milestone after years of hard work: The China Inn of Warsaw recently reveled in its 25th anniversary

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 8:48 am

LeeSince they first opened the doors of their restaurant The China Inn in Warsaw, Jennifer and Yonni Lee have welcomed their customers with a smile and friendly service.
Recently, the couple and their restaurant celebrated a huge milestone; 25 years of serving some of the freshest and most delicious foods in the region.
The Lee’s, a humble couple who made Warsaw their home after relocating from their first facility in Hopewell, said that despite some trepidation in their first few years of operation, Warsaw has become their home and their clients are now part of what they call “Family.”
“When we first came here we were so focused on the restaurant, the quality of the food and our work so it was hard because we didn’t know anyone,” Jennifer said in a March 7 interview, adding that soon she began to recognize faces, names and now knows exactly what her clients are going to order as soon as they walk in the door.
“Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dameron of Lewisetta were one of our first customers and they still come here after 25 years,” Jennifer said.  “This town has embraced us and now we are all family. You couldn’t pay me to leave here.”
Jennifer added that customers often ask after her children, Tiffany, Jonathan and Christopher and likewise, she asks how they and their family are doing.
“We all know each other, it is a real community feeling and it touches my soul,” Jennifer said. “I can’t greet anyone without a smile because there is just no other way, this is just an amazing place to be and we are so thankful.”
She added that all of the credit for the restaurant’s success goes to her husband.
“He never takes a day off and works sometimes more than 12 hours a day, tasting each menu item to make sure the quality is top of the line,” Jennifer said.
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