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County waits to consider floor request

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 9:51 am


The board of supervisors held off on a request to fund floor repairs for the gymnasium in Lancaster High School (LHS) last Wednesday.

On May 9, John Mann, Director of Operations at Lancaster County Public Schools, told the supervisors that running water from an open valve caused water damage to half of the floor in the high school gymnasium last summer.

Affected areas included the surface under the bleachers and peripheral areas of the basketball court.

According to County Administrator Frank Pleva, Mann wanted to begin the process of repairing the floor before the start of fiscal year 2014.

Currently, the repairs are listed as part of the school’s capital improvements in the county’s proposed budget.

Pleva projected total spending on school improvements at $444,865, which accounts for a $232,752 increase from capital expenditures in fiscal year 2013.

Mann said that putting in a new floor would require funding from the county, adding that temporary repairs had been made to parts of the playing surface.

Mann also noted that gaming officials said the floor did not warrant any safety considerations.

In a follow-up interview, Mann said that the cost of repairs, although not yet set, would total over $100,000.

Dist. 1 Supervisor and Chairman Butch Jenkins said the schools’ request would be handled in the normal capital budget for fiscal year 2014.

Dist. 3. Supervisor Jason Bellows, who is also a science teacher at LHS, said that, provided the school division was still figuring out renovations to the high school, there was no need for immediate repairs to the gym floor.

“To spend that kind of money right now, not knowing where we’re heading on that plan, and considering how we played both district tournaments here…this is something that could be pushed off [to a later date],” said Bellows.

Mann said over the phone that LCPS would leave the floor in temporary repair condition until the division had decided on renovation plans for the school.

The schools’ request was considered during the county’s first public worksession for the FY 2013-2014 budget.

During the session, the board reviewed projected expenditures for the county’s general operating fund, which totaled approximately $11,679,744, up $301,697 from fiscal year 2013.

New proposed spending included a 1 percent pay raise for all county employees and a $25 increase for each individual in the county’s health insurance program.

Pleva said a raise in health insurance had not been provided to employees in Lancaster County in over 5 years.

He also noted that the proposed increase in salary and benefits was not a formal recommendation.

“We’re certainly not opposed to a higher raise as you can imagine,” Pleva told the supervisors. “But [the increase is listed] just to give you some number to work with initially.”

In order to gauge the “actual impact on the county budget,” Jenkins asked Pleva to provide the board with an exact figure as to what the county will need to pay should they elect to fund the increase.

Pleva estimated grand total revenues for the upcoming fiscal year at $30,184,006.

The next public worksession for the budget will be held Wednesday, May 15 at 4:30 p.m. in the county’s public meeting room.