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County revisits music ordinance

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 8:26 am

Richmond County has a music festival and concert ordinance on the books that was adopted in 1976. The Board of Supervisors is working to “bring it into 2018.”
The issue of a concert ordinance came up one or two years ago when a local resident requested the regulations to hold an event at his home, said R. Morgan Quicke, county administrator.
Initially, Quicke didn’t think the county had defined rules. But, after searching, he found there indeed was an ordinance. It was adopted at a time when a wave of small, rural counties across the state were primarily focused on responding to Woodstock, and as far as anyone can tell it hasn’t been changed since, he said.
“That got the county to thinking, if we’re going to have this ordinance, we need to update it and amend it,” he said.

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