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Charges dropped in Heathsville bomb case

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 9:50 am

Northumberland’s commonwealths attorney was a witness to what happened at the courthouse that day, said she was obliged to drop the charges due to witness problems.

“The witness who put him at the courthouse changed her story several times,” Sichol said.

The dropping of the charges didn’t get Ball-Johnson entirely out of difficulties. Sichol will prosecute him on a show cause case in which he is accused of violation of the terms of probation in an earlier matter. That hearing is set for June 7.

Ball-Johnson’s co-defendant in the bomb threat case, Lakia Bromley, still has charges pending against her, but her attorney, James Monroe of Warsaw, successfully sought an order from the court that she be tested to determine her sanity at the time of the bomb threat, her competency to stand trial and her ability to aid him in her defense. Bromley is to be back in court on June 7 by which time the results of the examinations should be available.

It initially appeared that federal authorities would prosecute the bomb threat case, which caused the evacuation of the courthouse and had law enforcement personnel from the state and federal governments as well as Northumberland County to respond to the threat. When, after several months,  Federal prosecutors decided not to press the matter in Federal court, it came back to Northumberland.