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Change of leadership for Lancaster’s Supervisors

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 9:35 am

Newly-elected chair F.W. "Butch" Jenkins

Two experienced local officials traded places at the helm of the board of supervisors last Thursday.

On Dec. 20,  Dist. 1 Supervisor F.W. “Butch” Jenkins took over as chairman of the board, replacing Wally Beauchamp, who remained supervisor of Dist. 5. Dist. 3 Supervisor Jason Bellows assumed the seat of Vice-Chairman, which had formerly been held by Jenkins.

Jenkins last served the board as chairman in 2006. Bellows was elected last year, unseating longtime member Peter Geilich.

Beauchamp nominated Jenkins for the position while Dist. 2 Supervisor Ernest Palin nominated Beauchamp.

Jenkins prevailed, with the board’s vote of 3-2 in his favor with Palin and Dist. 4 Supervisor Bill Lee voting for Beauchamp.

Bellows’ appointment to Vice-Chairman was also decided by a 3-2 vote from the board. While the new chairman threw in Bellows’ name for the seat, Lee nominated Palin.

Palin and Lee not only lost the bid while the remaining three supervisors supported Bellows, but they also saw another 3-2 vote swing against them when the board chose Bellows over Palin for appointment to the Planning District Commission.

“We keep getting outvoted,” Palin told Lee with a laugh before he speculated that the three-to-two voting pattern was a precursor of things to come next year.

But Palin was rewarded with a seat on the Finance Steering Committee after Jenkins nominated him for the position. The board voted in favor of Palin 3-2 with Beauchamp and Bellows voting for Beauchamp.

All board meetings will continue to be held on the fourth Thursday of each month from January to October. The November meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 21 so as not to conflict with Thanksgiving. The meeting in December will be held Monday, Dec. 16. The start time for all meetings will continue to be 7 p.m.

In other business, the board approved a $17,800 bid, plus a unit cost of $50 per sheet of plywood, to repair the roof of the county administration building.

A special exception was also granted to James and Janice Nault of 137 Winona Drive in Windmill Point, enabling them to add a second floor to their single-story house and garage.

The proposed additions required a special exception request because the two-story home would be a nonconforming structure.

“Many similar sized authorized non-conforming lots and structures exist in this neighborhood and several have requested this special exception and been granted such,” Planning and Land Use Director Don Gill told the supervisors.

In addition, Palin presented a plaque to the family of the late Timothy White for his distinguished service to Lancaster County on the Board of Building Code Appeals from Jan. 29, 2004 to Dec. 31, 2011.

“He loved his work,” Palin said of White. “I’m grateful to have known him and I will never forget him.”