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Boiler issues at intermediate school

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 8:02 am

Essex County, overall, currently has not just one, but two boiler problems in its pipeline. The boiler in the old Beale building burst, resulting in some flooding of water and petroleum, and the boiler at the Essex Intermediate School (EIS) gym and locker room, especially its fuel tank buried underground, is old and no longer eligible for insurance.
When the leak was discovered inside the Beale building, the Department of Environmental Quality was notified and brought in to handle the situation, as it was a problem that fell to them. At the Essex County Board of Supervisors meeting in July, the representatives from DEQ presented what they had discovered so far, and what they plan to do next, which includes drilling ground samples around the building to find the source of the petroleum leaking in with the water.
“DEQ’s Piedmont Regional Office reports that we don’t know the source, but are working with the county to remove the oily water from the basement where it accumulated,” said Ann Regn, Public Information and Outreach with DEQ. There’s a blower system for ventilation so it’s safe for county staff to continue to work. We expect to have a special contractor on site on Thursday who can identify all the utility lines (it’s a tight complex so we need to be sure the lines are marked correctly).
Once all the lines have been delineated, soil and water samples can begin, the source of the problem identified, and a plan to remediate determined.”

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