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BLUE Crab Feast: A huge hit

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 2:07 pm

When Virginia Delegate for the 99th District Margaret Ransone voted against Virginia ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, it drew the ire of many Democrats in the Northern Neck. After more than 40 years of work, Virginia would have added the amendment to the United States Constitution.

All of the candidates at the Northern Neck BLUE Crab Feast on Saturday mentioned the ERA and how they would work to bring it to fruition were they elected. Francis Edwards, who ran against Ransone in 2017, is a strong supporter of the ERA.

Edwards is also a supporter of bringing broadband to rural Virginia and providing better healthcare to the commonwealth. Edwards is in a difficult district though. The 99th has gone Republican for more than 45 years. However, he is now polling only six-points behind Ransone leading up to the November 5 election.

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Qasim Rashid, Francis Edwards, and Stan Scott at the Northern Neck BLUE Crab feast.