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Big hearts and good deads pay off

Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 8:17 am

Acts of Kindness

“I am just a country boy from King and Queen County,” said Jonathan Mercer. But Mercer is more than just anything; in fact, he is a caretaker of the community and a preacher, teacher, singer, ordained minister and more. He gives credit to his wife, Latasha, for her support and encouragement from the outset of his good will. Mercer remembers how hard his father worked to provide for him and his two siblings, sometimes working two or three jobs. And his mother was the at-home mom and caretaker. He recognizes that they did not have everything all the time and he recalls the community giving to them when they did not have. “That is something that I will never forget. I think that is something I will carry with me forever,” said Mercer. He started working as soon as he turned 15 so he could help out—working two jobs and going to school. One thing Mercer looks back on is his time in church. “We had service on Saturday and prayer service Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights,” said Mercer. After graduation Mercer still kept the hard work ethic and continued working hard, in fact, so hard he recalled sleeping all day and losing track of time—that was in 2013. He also recalled being a “little tired of the church at one point.”Mercer, who has been preaching for about 15 years starting noticing through the years the basic needs of people he encountered in the communities of Essex County. Mercer said, “The turning point for him was during the tornado. Our house was destroyed.” The outpouring of love in many ways was shown to him and his family—wife and two daughters. “People gave us water, personal hygiene items, clothes, gift cards, food and so much,” said Mercer. Mercer decided they had so much, why not share with others who were in need. Aylett Country Day School allowed them to use their facility and as a result, they were able to help seven families. Mercer and his wife co-founded the non-profit organization, “I Remember,” He had had the vision to provide a conduit for youth to help members in the community, while at the same time providing them with a sense of community. Since forming the organization, he has been able “to reach those that might have been unreachable, to bring people together regardless of race, religion, gender, church or unchurched,” said Mercer. In the past few years, he and his wife have helped others in quiet ways.

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