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Alleged hunting dog attacker speaks out

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 11:34 am


McBeth’s farm property on Sharps Road is bordered with fencing and posted “No Hunting” signs.

By: Taylor O’Bier

On Monday, Dec. 19, Courtland McBeth of Sharps was charged with animal cruelty and impeding a hunt for stabbing a hunting dog with a machete. According to the report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, McBeth is accused of cutting the hunting dog while it was on his property in the 5000 block of Sharps Road on Saturday, Dec. 17.

However, McBeth, co-owner of MarrLuna Farms, stated he did not want to hurt any animal on that Saturday afternoon. McBeth said, “As a farmer in the state of Virginia…I am legally allowed to defend my livestock if they are being chased, killed, by any animal including dogs, who create bodily harm.”

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