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All Region A selections are unveiled

Posted on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 2:19 pm

The following individuals were named to their respective All Region A Spring Sports Teams.

All Region A Softball

King William pitcher Kayla Huffman and infielder Essence Jackson highlighted this year’s Region A Softball Team. Huffman received top honors being named pitcher of the year, and Jackson earned the title of player of the year.

Rappahannock pitcher Hallie Berger (Division 1) and King William catcher Megan Jenkins (Division 2) were named tournament MVPs.

Pitchers Mary Kathryn Hall (Northumberland) and Brooke Hudnall (Lancaster) join the four on the All Region Softball Team. Other members include catcher Janay Joseph (King William), infielders Lauren Jenkins and Brianna Branch (King William), Savannah Wood (Essex), Brandi Mulvena (Rappahannock), Brianna Williams (Northampton), Taylor Childress (Northumberland) and Michaela Wescott (Nandua).

Outfielders include Kelsey Berhalter (Rappahannock), Kinsey Kellam (Nandua), Jessie Rew (Northumberland), Erin Anderson (King William), Caroline Harvie (Nandua) and Jaclyn Campbell (King William). Amy Thomas (King William) and Brittney Owens (Essex) were named the team’s designated players; at large are Carlie Clarke (Rappahannock), Taylor Glass (Essex), Grace Holmes (Nandua), Emily Broache (Essex), Quinlan Moore (Middlesex) and Bailey Kujawski (Mathews).


All Region A Baseball

King William pitcher Daniel McGehee highlighted this year’s Region A Baseball Team. McGehee received top honors being named player of the year.

Pitcher Austin Heenan (Nandua) joins McGehee on All Region First Team. Other members include catcher Hunter Taylor (Nandua), first baseman Austin Heenan (Nandua), second baseman Chase Reid (King William, third baseman Chris Smith (King William) and shortstop Ryan Haynie (Nandua), outfielders Kinston Carson (Essex), Marquise Lanier (Rappahannock) and Noah Zember (Nandua), utility player Mikey Anerton (West Point) and designated hitter Brandon Walker (Northumberland).

Eamon Collins and Kinston Carson were named pitchers on the All Region A Second Team. They are joined by catcher Will Hoover (Rappahannock), first baseman Mitchell Hale (Rappahannock), second baseman Sterling Hammond (Essex), third baseman Jake Gray (Nandua) shortstop Nick Graves (Colonial Beach), outfielders Lucas Dobbins (King William), Brett Starcher (Surry) and Corey Childress (Windsor), utility player Jared Barry (Surry) and designated hitter Caleb Gross (King William).



All Region A Boys Soccer

First Team

Kylief Richmond                    Northampton

Juan Ochoa                            W & L

Harris Dandridge                  King William

Davis Jeffery                          ARGS

David Wright                         Nandua

Austin Matthews                   West Point

Jose’ Chipres                          W & L

Racquel Doherty                   Windsor

Alex Williams                         King William

David Medina                          Essex

Giovanni Lareinga                 Arcadia

Tim Pittmin                            ARGS

Elmis Mayorga                       Nandua

Hunter Downing                   King William

Luis Chipres                           W & L

Davis Earnhardt                    Windsor

Coach of Year                       Paul Nolz                                Nandua

Player of the Year                 Kylief Richmond                    Northampton


Second Team Boys Soccer

Matthew Leffel                      Northampton

Marcus Swedo                       West Point

Robert Watkins                     Essex

Jacob Watson                         Windsor

Raul Gildo                               Northampton

Casey Greenstreet                 West Point

Alex Lane                               W & L

Randy Stephenson                Surry

Bryan Delgado                       Northampton

Anna Hudgins                        Mathews

Aaron Rock                             Rappahannock

Chris Jump                             Surry

David Martinez                      Arcadia

Jacob Johnson                        Mathews

Jason Compton                      Essex

Kyle Smith                             Franklin



All Region A Girls Soccer

First Team

Nicole Reyes                           #28                 Northampton

Caroline Hiler                       #17                 Northampton

Katie Byrd                              GK                   King William

Ryan Wright                          #3                   Nandua

Bridgette McLaughlin           #8                   Northumberland

Taylor Webb                          # 20                Northampton

Kirsten Downey                    #10                 King William

Kennedy Webb                     #24                 Northampton

Sequuoia O’Cumpo               #24                 King William

Rachel McMahon                 #6                   Essex

Megan Daiger                       #6                   W&L

Coach of the Year                  Tabitha Webb           Northampton

Player of the Year                 Nicole Reyes               Northampton



Second Team Girls Soccer

Generie Boarman                  GK                   Northumberland

Savannah West                     #5                   King William

Kelsey Bisker                         #13                 Northampton

Ember Dispirito                     #12                 Essex

Madisen Lewis                       #12                 Northampton

Sam Zicafoose                        #4                   King William

India Equiguren                    #19                 Northumberland

Sydney Kellam                      #10                 Northampton

Katelyn Petty                         #2                   King William

Summer Newsome                #6                   Northumberland

Andi Mayer                            #2                   Lancaster


Editor’s note: Teams were provided by tournament directors