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All Northern Neck District selections announced

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Collins, Carson named baseball players of the year

The 2013 edition of the All District Baseball team has a decided youth flavor. In fact only a single senior made the first team assuring next year will even more quality players from the Northern Neck which has long been a big factor in state level play.

Regular season district champion Rappahannock placed four players in five slots on the district’s first team. Headed by sophomore Eamonn Collins who was picked as a first team pitcher and the all star utility player, the Raiders also had senior Will Hoover at catcher, junior Mitchell Hale at first base and junior Marquise Lanier in the out field.

Rappahannock’s Larry Barker was selected as the Division 1 Coach of the Year. Collins was selected as the Division 1 Player of the Year. The Division 2 honors went to Essex’s Kinston Carson.

Essex was also well represented with three first team selections. Sophomore pitcher Kinston Carson and also in the outfield. He was joined by fellow sophomore Sterling Hammond at second base. The Colonial Beach Drifters gained two first team honors in sophomores Kamron Smith at third and Nick Graves at short stop. The Northumberland Indians received one first place selection in junior Brandon Walker as the designated hitter. Lancaster also had a single selection in junior Demetrick Lee. Essex Coach Tim Beamer was picked as the Division 2 Coach of the Year.

The second team has Northumberland senior Zack Newman and W&L senior Carrington Balderson as pitchers. Lancaster senior Kedrick Lee at catcher, Northumberland sophomore Jack Jett at first, Lancaster senior William Abbott at second, Rappahannock senior Dylan Dunn at third and Northumberland junior Matthew Harris at short. In the outfield on the second unit are Essex junior Dre Baylor, Northumberland senior Jonathan Hinton and Colonial Beach senior Sidney Horton. Rappahannock freshman Devin Sisson is the designated hitter; Lancaster senior Colton Hayden the utility player.

The Indians placed several members on the Northern Neck District’s All Academic team. Players selected must have a 3.4 GPA or better. Making the all academic were Hunter Bayse, Matthew Harris, Jack Jett, Justin Lewis, Blake Walker and Brandon Walker.


Glass, Clark receive softball top honors

Anyone who is familiar with the Northern Neck District softball scene this year knows it was the “Year of the Pitcher.” Several no hitters were thrown and when they weren’t, it was a pitcher’s duel for many of the other games. That showed in this year’s All Northern Neck District first team softball selections.

Four pitchers received the votes to be selected as first team members. These were Rappahannock’s Carlie Clark and Hallie Berger, Northumberland’s Mary Kathryn Hall and Lancaster’s Brooke Hudnall. Washington & Lee’s (W&L) Tori Swann is the 2013 catcher. The infield is made up of Taylor Childress (Northumberland), Taylor Glass (Essex), Brandi Mulvena (Rappahannock) and Savannah Wood (Essex).

In the 2013 first team outfield are Rappahannock’s Kelsey Berhaltler, Essex’s Emily Broache, Lancaster’s Casey Clarke, and Northumberland’s Jessie Rew. Essex’s Brittany Owens is this year’s designated player.

Carlie Clark is the Division 1 player of the Year. Taylor Glass is the Division 2 Player of the Year. This year’s second team has the following; pitchers Karley Inscoe (Colonial Beach) and Alexis Packett (Essex) with Connor Hailsip (Northumberland) and Emily Parks (Colonial Beach) at catcher. In the infield; Rachel Berger (Rappahannock), Amber Cutting (Lancaster), Becky Jones (Essex), Victoria Minor (W&L), Deniya Newman (Colonial Beach), and Kaci Payne (Northumberland). In the outfield are Kallie Carson (Essex), Amanda Headley (Rappahannock), July Traylor (Northumberland) and Haley Balderson (W&L).

All academic honors for the Indians went to Beth Clegg, Katie Crowther, Mary Kathryn Hall, Sarah Haynie, Julie King, Kaci Payne, Holly Sanford, Lauren Self, July Traylor, and Micaela Wilson. They maintained a 3.4 grade point average during the season.

Sudduth, Ochoa receive top honors

The  Northern Neck Boys Soccer All District Team

All District First Team

Juan Ochoa (POY)     11       W&L    12       FWD

Luis Chipres               13       W&L    10       FWD

Tirso Azurman           10       W&L    9          FWD

Jose Chipres               8          W&L    12       MID

Alex Lane                   2          W&L    11       MID

David Medina           11       Essex  11       MID

Robert Watkins         0          Essex  12       MID/ C

Patrick Martin           1          Essex  12       F

Jason Compton          K         Essex  12       Keeper

Aaron Rock                 13       RAPP   12       FWD

Brian Moody              12       LANC   12       FWD


All District First Team

Camden Hilton          3          Essex  10       MID/ D

Evan Robertson         9          Essex  12       D / Sweeper

D.J. Ashlock                 23       Essex  11       MID / D

Camden Thomas       48       Essex  10       MID

Ryan Taylor               K         W&L    11       Keeper

Lashaad Hopewell     5          W&L    12       DEF

Jay Jims                      21       W&L    11       DEF

Brandon Gibbs          10       RAPP   12       MID / C

Brandon Harcum      3          RAPP   12       DEF

Fabian Lopez             9          RAPP   11       DEF / MID

Weston Schomer       11       LANC   11       DEF

Coach of the Year – RJ Sudduth

Player of the Year – Juan Ochoa

Daiger, Fridenstine earn top honors

2013 All-Northern Neck District Girls Soccer

First Team

6          Megan Daiger                       WL      For      Sr        POY

8          Bridgette McLaughlin         Nor      For      Jr

12       Ember Dispirito                     Ess      For      Jr

2          Andi Mayer                            Lan      For      Sr

G          Genevie Boarman                  Nor      Goalie  Jr

6          Rachel McMahon                   Ess      For      So

6          Summer Newsome                Nor      Mid     Sr

19       India Equiguren                    Nor      For      Jr

10       Tamara Tate                          WL      Mid     Sr

9          Kate French                           Ess      Def      Jr

18       Alexandra Pitman                 Nor      Def      Jr

Mark Fridenstine                  Nor      Coach of the Year


Second Team

7          Lidia Cardenas                      WL      Mid     Sr

14       Laura Betz                              Ess      Mid     Jr

4          Nell Carter                             Lan      Def      Sr

13       Victoria Compton                  Ess      Def      Jr

G          Brittany Payne                      WL      Goalie  Sr

7          Emily Sprague                       Nor      Mid     Jr

9          Maria Alvarez                        WL      Def      Sr

3          Lizett Barajas                         WL      For      Sr

5          Ashley Cullingsworth            Ess      Mid     Jr

8          Carli Hanback                       Lan      Def      Jr

17       Laura Mangano                     Nor      Mid     Jr

2          Mary Thompson                    WL      Def      Jr