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Aiming for real equality

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 1:43 pm

Richmond County school officials brought teachers together Thursday to welcome them, thank them, and usher them into the new year realizing that “all children are not being served at an equal success rate.” The only way to make the leap from being a good school system to a great one is to correct that imbalance, explained Dr. James Smith, the superintendent.
“Parents send us their best and we have a responsibility and an obligation for delivering the very best education to our children,” John Brown, chairman of the school board stressed to the crowd.
To help identify problems and outline solutions, the school board invited Dr. John Marshall, a renowned speaker, thought-leader, and the chief equity officer of Jefferson County Schools in Kentucky, to speak.
Dr. Marshall paved the way for a blunt presentation by announcing that he is not a motivational speaker, he’s a confrontational speaker. He was armed with facts, statistics and solid examples from years of experience in the school, his own school system and those he is tapped to help.
Change can’t occur until you understand the difference between equality and equity, he explained. “Everybody has a bus. Everybody has a book. Everybody has a teacher. That’s equality and people are comfortable hiding behind that.”
But when students get in front of that teacher are they all served equally?

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