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A sinker at the baseball field

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 10:50 am

This sinkhole appeared this weekend at the RHS baseball field.

Officials were shocked this weekend when they found a nearly 20-foot in diameter sinkhole at the Rappahannock High School Baseball Field.

The hole, which is approximately 10 feet deep, was apparently  caused after a large stormwater drainage pipe that originates from Rte. 3 partially collapsed.

With the heavy rains last week, the grounds were sucked into the pipe and swept away to a nearby drainage ditch.

Concerns over the possibility of further deterioration were compounded by the hole’s location. It is just a few feet away from a large light structure used to help illuminate the field.

The site has been cordoned off in a 70-foot radius until engineers can come up with a solution to fill in and stabilize the hole.

On Monday, officials from VDOT and the school system met to determine easement issues and who, ultimately, would be responsible for the repairs.

The Rappahannock Raiders season opener game, scheduled for Tuesday, was cancelled due to the dangerous conditions.

School Superintendent Dr. Greg Smith said that all parties involved are working as fast as possible to ensure that the hole is repaired in a manner that would ensure the safety of players, coaches and all those who visit or use the field.