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A message of appreciation

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 8:28 am

When the teaching staff at Richmond County Elementary and Middle School returned to work Thursday morning they were greeted with cards, decorations and breakfast. That scene is credited in part to parents and students who sacrificed a sliver of their summer vacation to help say welcome back.
Wednesday evening students and members of the Parent Teacher Organization were in the cafeteria busy brainstorming ways to stoke the staff’s excitement and putting those ideas to work. Students traced and cut outlines of their hands to let the teachers know they are “hands down the best.” They made bright colored blossoms from tissue paper and created a banner that said, “If teachers were flowers, we’d pick you!”
The parents and students blew up large garbage bags full of balloons that would later be scattered around. They hung decorations at the entranceway and hallways. They helped the principal, Jason Strong, personalize welcome back cards, and they helped set up the breakfast area, which included a yogurt bar and fresh fruit and muffin station stocked with food prepared by parents in the PTO.
All of this was happening because Strong wanted to start the year sending a message of appreciation that the staff could see and feel.
“They’re already going to be excited for a new school year after a long summer. Every teacher is anxious to come back with new ideas. But we want to show them that for all of their hard work people pay attention and they care, which they know. But it’s nice to show it in a visual way, too,” he said.
It didn’t take Strong long to get others on board. He posted the invitation for parents and students to join in the preparations on the Richmond County Junior Raider PTO Facebook page on Monday and by Wednesday there were dozens of hands on deck.

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