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A home for every child

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 10:48 am

November is National Adoption Month and this year it has also been declared as Adoption Month in Richmond County.

The local Department of Social Services received a state grant providing adoption incentive funds and is taking part in an effort to help recruit foster families and get children off the adoption wait list. As part of that effort, Richmond County DSS presented the Board of  Supervisors with a resolution recognizing adoption month on a local level, and it was adopted with unanimous consent.

Among other things, the resolution recognizes that “children are key to the state’s future success, prosperity and quality of life” and “all children and older youth need love, support, security, and a place to call home and deserve safety, permanency and wellbeing.”

Through the resolution, the county recognizes that “supportive, loving families can help a child or older youth transition past traumatic experiences and reach their full potential.” And it calls on “the citizens of Richmond County to come together as a community to support and celebrate adoptive families and to raise awareness about the children and older youth who are still waiting in custody at the local department of social services.”

Currently, there aren’t any children in Richmond County eligible for adoption, but across the state, there are nearly 5,000 in the foster care system and there are over 600 children who are ready for adoption right now, according to the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Richmond County DSS hopes to raise awareness of that situation, and hopefully motivate local families to adopt.

“You don’t have to live in the locality that you adopt from,” said Vanesa Livingstone, director of Richmond County DSS.

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Robert Pemberton presents the adopted resolution to Katie Chilton,

Family Services Specialist III and Vanesa Livingstone, director of Richmond County DSS.