Artists, friends come together in new endeavor in Irvington

Carri Richard (pictured left) welcomed three visitors at the grand opening of Gallery 15 in Irvington this past weekend.

Patty Richards still can’t believe how quickly one idea, dreamed up two months ago, has become a reality.

And last Saturday, as she and her partners presided over the grand opening of their newest adventure, Gallery 15, an art studio in the heart of Irvington, the friends were overwhelmed with emotion and pride.

It was just this fall when Richards and three of her fellow artists gathered together in friendship.

While casually chatting, one member pitched the idea of opening an art gallery in town.

The group decided to make it happen and everything fell in place from there, Richards said.

“We saw an open space and the sign saying it was available, we found the realtor who was also the owner, we made the phone call and made it happen,” Richards recalled.

Richards, who continues to be amazed by Irvington after living there for approximately one year, said she was in awe over how quickly everything came together.

And on Dec. 8, visitors toured the shop, amidst Irvington’s Carts and Carols Parade and Midnight Madness festivities, for the very first time.

Gallery goers were treated to an array of artwork, ranging from oil and watercolor paintings to natural stone and beaded jewelry.

Visitors enjoyed the works of over 10 different artists at the Dec. 8 Gallery 15 opening.

In addition, varieties of pottery, sculpture, copperworks, furniture and woolen products were on display.

The grand opening featured over 10 different artists, including Jerry Dance of Richmond, local artist Donna Kuykendall and watercolor painters Rebecca Grow and Sharon Parker.

Richards, Green, and Richard also displayed their work at the gallery. Richard presented her line of jewelry, while Green introduced her affinity for crafting polished concrete countertops. Patty Soap, Richards’s line of environmentally friendly soap which the gallery advertised as ‘clean and green,’ made its debut during the grand opening as well.

Richards added that the gallery will work hard to keep the showcases “fresh.”

“We have a full house and we will be introducing new artists on a regular basis,” Richards stated. “There will be some demonstrations and an opportunity for artists to come together and do their art in the gallery.”

Richards added that Gallery 15 intends to host regular events and give a venue where artists and art admirers can comfortably come together through inspiration and instruction.

“It’s a beautiful experience,” Richards said. “It’s really pretty magical to set it out there and say we want to do this and it just has been unfolding unbelievably easily. The town is wonderful and lots of people are behind us.”

Richards added that she was grateful to Irvington and the community support that the gallery and studio have received.

“[The town] is laid back and comfortable and yet people are curious and vibrant,” she said. “The people, the interest, and the love for art are there…this is just one more spot to offer a connection.”

Gallery 15 is located at 4353 Irvington Road near Nate’s Trick Dog Café, The Local, and Sook’s in Irvington. For more information or questions, call Patty Richards at 804-815-5096.

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm